We offer ambulatory appointments at your farm in the Colfax, Maxwell and surrounding areas. We provide comprehensive medical and surgical evaluations, diagnostics, and treatment. We offer portable radiography and digital ultrasound.

Our doctors work on multiple species of farm animals including Beef & Dairy Cattle, Show Stock, Swine, Sheep, Goats, Camelids and Poultry. We can help you manage your herd, large or small, with an individualized approach with focus on all aspects of livestock production.

Herd Health Management

We offer consultations on herd health, reproductive management, vaccinations, disease management, neonate management and parasite control.

Specialized Reproductive Services

Reproductive services include pregnancy evaluation with ultrasound, semen collection for breeding soundness evaluation and birthing assistance, including caesarean section.


Our doctors perform castrations, dehorning, laceration repairs, hernia repairs, caesarean sections, and other minor surgical procedures.

Laboratory Services

We offer complete blood work and fecal testing at our office. We also utilize a number of reference laboratories for more advanced diagnostics.

Regulatory Work

Our veterinarians are accredited in the state of Iowa to perform regulatory work that includes disease testing and health certificates for transport, to show or sale, or for export.